Your wedding day is all about the details, and your eyelashes are no exception! But the last thing you want to do on your big day is worry about your eyelashes being uncomfortable or not staying in place for the ceremony. That’s why Isopia is your perfect lash partner, with a selection of ultra-comfortable, long wearing lashes for seamless, stunning make up looks to help you walk down the aisle in style. With so many stunning styles available, the only question is, how do you pick the right lashes to compliment your unique day? This guide will walk through how to select the perfect lashes to suit your wedding venue and dress style.

For Beach & Garden Weddings: Breezy and Natural Lashes for Outdoor I Do’s

Say “I do” under sunny skies with our BREATH lashes, designed for outdoor weddings. BREATH’s ultra-soft bands and flexible wispy fibers move naturally in the ocean breeze. A lightweight composition provides seamless enhancement without any risk of drooping in beach humidity. Enjoy your softest, dreamiest, most comfortable wearing experience with BREATH lashes, so you can focus on making the most of your beautiful surroundings.


Brides who choose to get wed in the great outdoors might understandably have a passion for the environment. If protecting the planet is of the utmost importance to you, don't miss our environmentally friendly and biodegradable eyelashes - FLAM. These biodegradable ultra-soft fibers and flexible bands complement natural backdrops without harming the natural world. Complete your sustainable wedding day look with these eco-friendly lashes and look forward to a happier and better future.

Flam lashes


For Churches & Banquet Halls: A Bold and Grand Lash Look

Be sure to make as much of an impact on your guests as your grand venue as you sashay down magnificent church aisles and banquet halls, enhanced by RIVER's dramatic volume, Feathery fibers form full, bold shapes, perfect for palatial settings without weighing down your eyes, whilst flexible bands ensure comfortable wear throughout your special day. Let RIVER lashes help you to dazzle and shine just as much as your ornate surroundings.

River lashes


For Modern Mansions, Lofts & Hotels: On-the-Pulse Style for Effortless Beauty

Make a modern vow with HARMONY lashes, designed for contemporary wedding venues. With ultra-soft bands allowing comfortable enhancement all celebration long, HARMONY are a make-up-artist’s dream as they complement your unique style by being the most adaptable lash to suit a variety of trending make up looks. Let these flexible falsies take your wedding day glam to new heights in your stylish loft, mansion, or hotel ballroom.

Harmony lashes


For Ball Gowns: Voluminous Lashes to Match Your Fairytale Fantasy

Every girl wants to become the most eye-catching princess on her wedding day. For those who opt for feminine and majestic ball gowns to feel like royalty on their special day, our TOUCH lashes are the perfect sprinkle of magic to bring your fairytale beauty to life. The voluminous TOUCH lashes feature ultra-soft bands that add lightweight drama without weighing down your eyes. Flexible bands conform for comfortable enhancement to complement your ball gown's full, sweeping skirt.

Touch lashes

If you want to wear even more complex and dramatic ball gown style complimented by even more statement luxurious makeup, you can also consider our TIDE lashes. This thick cat-eye feathery eyelash can also meet your more decadent styling needs.

Tide lashes


For Sheath Dresses: Lengthening Lashes to Complement Your Chic Style

Sleek and sophisticated sheath dresses are calling out for minimalistic natural looking lashes - look no farther than our HEALING half lashes. These shorter band half-eye falsies add a subtle yet glamorous accent to suit the smooth curve complimenting silhouette of a sheath gown. With flexible lightweight bands, HEALING lashes enhance eyes without overpowering your modern feminine look - the perfect touch of soft, delicate fringe to complete the refined elegance of your figure flattering wedding dress.

Healing lashes


For Mermaid Gowns: Glamorous Bold Lashes for Showstopping Drama

When it comes to mermaids, we often think of The Little Mermaid, the timeless and romantic fairytale featuring a courageous female protagonist. The curves of a mermaid gown showcase a sexy female figure, whilst the fluffy hem is reminiscent of girlish playfulness. The overall effect is an undercurrent of inner female power surging, just like the scene of the little mermaid fearlessly jumping out of the sea. Our ECHO lashes, inspired by waves, empower all women to feel their most confident, and perfectly match the sexy and playful vibe of a mermaid gown. Let ECHO lashes with their flirtatious cat eye shape, accentuate your alluring mermaid style with flexible bands that enhance your dazzling eyes.

Echo lashes


For Vintage Long Sleeve Dresses: Romantic Lashes for Timeless Beauty

Beauty never goes out of style. Complete your vintage-inspired look with your long-sleeved dresses and RIPPLE round-eye lashes. RIPPLE’s delicate wispy fibers add soft, dreamy enhancement to complement long-sleeve lace and retro style dresses. RIPPLE lashes lend a romantic, elegant accent to play up the classic grace of your long-sleeved gown without overpowering your vintage glam.

Ripple lashes
October 13, 2023 — XMRosemary