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Hey gorgeous! Get ready to find answers of frequently asked questions about payment and shipping, eyelash materials, usage and care instructions, and helpful how-to guides. Whether you're looking for information on placing an order, caring for your lashes, or exploring our products, this comprehensive resource will provide the guidance you need for a seamless experience with Isopia.


· What is the refund policy?

Returns & Exchanges within 30 Days:
For all other cases, we gladly accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of the purchase date. Whether you change your mind, receive a defective item, or find that the product doesn't meet your expectations, we are here to assist you.

If due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.

· What are payment methods that are accepted?

You can use Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover to make purchases. Please note, all transactions will be processed in USD. 

· Can I get a discount?

With a subscription, you can get 10% off all products. Discount codes or coupons can be used on eligible orders. Be sure to enter the coupon code before checkout.


· How do I check my order?

Track Your Package

If you have created a login with us, you may track your order directly on your account by logging in here and visiting the order status page. 

Once your payment is approved, you will receive an e-mail when your order is processed (may take up to 48 hours). You will also receive a second e-mail when your order is shipped which will include your tracking number and a link to track the journey of your Isopia package. Please refer to our shipping details page for full details.

· Do you ship internationally?

Free shipping on all orders. We are pleased to offer free shipping on orders within Canada, USA, Mexico, Finland, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal. Depending on your location, shipping times may vary. Please refer to our shipping details page for full details. 

Product Info

· Are your lashes vegan?

Yes, all of Isopia eyelashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

· What material are your lashes?

Isopia lashes are made from synthetic fibers. Our Iso-Friendly lashes are crafted from biodegradable fibers, making them environmentally friendly.

· Why are your lashes different?

At Isopia, we create and develop products using the highest quality materials and meticulous design to provide a lightweight and comfortable experience.

We are delighted to introduce our three series of eyelash products: Iso-Gentle, Iso-Tender, and Iso-Friendly. Each series is designed to cater to different needs and preferences while delivering exceptional quality results. The Iso-Gentle series features an ultra-soft eyelash band, perfect for those with sensitive eyes, providing a gentle touch without any irritation. The zero-burden sensation will make you forget you’re even wearing them. The Iso-Tender series offers a softer and more diverse style, with light and delicate split-tips lashes. For those looking for a beauty product that truly makes a difference, our Iso-Friendly series strikes a perfect balance between beauty and the environment. The lash fibers in this series are biodegradable, making them sustainable and eco-friendly.

· Is adhesive included in my lash purchase?

Each pack of lashes includes a mini 1ml Hold-On lash glue conveniently placed inside the lash box. This mini glue contains the same ingredients as the 5ml Hold-On lash glue.

· Will the strip lashes damage my natural lashes?

No, Isopia eyelashes are designed to provide a soft and comfortable wearing experience without causing damage to your natural lashes. We prioritize the comfort and well-being of our customers, bringing a new era of eyelashes with the utmost comfort.

· Can I wear the lashes overnight?

According to our test results, these lashes can be worn overnight, provided that the adhesive area is taken care of. It is important to avoid wiping off the lash band when removing makeup and washing the face in order to keep the lashes in place overnight.

Usage & Care of Lashes

· What style will look good on me?

If you're looking for everyday go-to lashes, our Iso-Gentle lash series is the perfect choice. The ultra-soft lash band provides a super comfortable sensation throughout the day. For a natural and well-matched look with your daily makeup, we recommend the 'Breath,' 'Harmony,' and 'Healing' styles. If you prefer a stronger eye makeup, try the 'Echo' and 'Touch' styles to enhance your look. For bold and dramatic styles or special events and parties with heavy makeup, the Iso-Tender and Iso-Friendly lashes are great options. If you desire a cat-eye style with lifted outer corners, you can try 'River,' 'Tide,' and 'Bled.' And for enlarged eyes with enhanced eye contour, consider 'Ripple' and 'Flam'.

· How do I apply the lashes?

To achieve a super convenient application method for every lash lover, we have developed two applicator tools: Gentle Clip and Mini Ballerina. Gentle Clip is the perfect companion for Iso-Gentle lashes. It is specifically designed to work seamlessly with ultra-soft band strip lashes, allowing for a one-step easy application, providing a balance between comfort and convenience. Equipped with a silicone head clamp, it offers both anti-slip properties and lash protection. Mini Ballerina is a compact and lightweight tool designed with ergonomic considerations. It enhances comfort during use by considering factors such as weight, curvature, and rebound force, making the process of wearing eyelashes effortless and simple. For detailed application steps, please refer to the Tutorial page.

· How do I remove the lashes?

To effectively remove the lash glue, we recommend using an oil-based makeup remover. Simply saturate a cotton pad with the makeup remover and gently press it over your eyes for 30 seconds. Afterward, gently wipe off the false eyelashes. To ensure longer wear and extended usage times, use a cotton swab to clean any remaining glue residue from the lash band.

· How many times can I wear the lashes?

All of our lashes can be worn multiple times with proper care. Depending on the different series and their features, Iso-Gentle lashes can be worn approximately 3-5 times due to their soft and flexible band, Iso-Tender lashes can be worn 15+ times as their band is quite durable, and Iso-Friendly lashes can be worn approximately 5 times. After removing the lashes, it is recommended to clean the lash band and remove any glue residue to preserve the lash condition and maintain the shape of the band. To maximize the number of uses of your lashes, we highly recommend placing them in their original casing when not in use.