Isopia Brand Concept
Isopia was established on the philosophy that exploring the balance between inner and outer beauty. Our inspiration is from the ancient Greek “ισορροπία” which means balance. We aim to encourage women to be daring and brave explorers to find their own balance.
Isopia Brand Positioning
Isopia Brand Positioning
We offer eye makeup products for those who love sports and beauty to help them stay in good condition all the time: improve ther appearance, relieve stress, and challenge yourself to step out of the norm.
Now, Isopia is empowering females' shining moment through a new approach, where sports and beauty are considered at the same time, free to show true and independent beauty, bloom elegant glamour, and give more confidence and power to women.
Isopia creates and develops products by using the highest quality materials and detail-oriented design to bring a light and comfortable eyelash-wearing experience without burden. 

We are pleased to introduce our three series of eyelash products, including Iso-Gentle, Iso-Tender, and Iso-Friendly. Each series is designed to meet different needs and preferences, while providing high-quality results. Our Iso-Gentle series with ultra-soft eyelash band is perfect for those with sensitive eyes, delivering a gentle touch that won't cause any irritation. The Iso-Tender series is ideal for those who desire a softer, but boldly diverse style, with lashes that are light and delicate. For those who would like to find a beauty product that actually makes a difference. The Iso-Friendly series offers a great balance between beauty and the environment. The lash fibers are biodegradable, making them sustainable and planet-friendly. At Isopia, we are committed to providing the best in eyelash products, with options that cater to every individual's unique preferences.

Quality beauty products
This is a conversation between Isopia and the deepest desires of every woman's heart. Every woman deserves the power and freedom to be herself, to seek true beauty and balance. Therefore, we are committed to providing high-quality beauty products and guiding women towards a comfortable lifestyle, helping them break free from constraints, shield themselves from outside voices, find their true inner selves and value, and become confident, independent, and elegant explorers.
We hope to provide a sanctuary for all women, where we can explore our inner worlds together, discover our true worth and meaning, and become our best selves. In this process, Isopia not only provides high-quality beauty products, but also hopes to become a supporter and guide for women's inner awakening, providing help and support for their growth. Let's move towards a more balanced, free, and confident future together.