Do you know the color purple that has been cleverly used? From Tyrian purple dye, used by ancient Roman aristocrats to represent royalty, to "the Purple Heart" to reward courage, and from the playful Cadbury Chocolate purple to Prince's transcendent yet persistent Purple Rain, what do you think of the meaning-rich purple that Pantone has listed as its 2018 Color of the Year?

The Color of Elegance, Harmony, and Creativity

Purple has many meanings, including wisdom, creativity, and royalty, and can also represent magic, luxury, pride, and independence. Isopia chose to use purple as its brand-representative color. The color purple holds deep meaning for us as a symbol of charm, harmony, inspiration, and women's empowerment. 


We incorporate vibrant shades of purple into our branding to visually communicate our values. The rich hues represent the elegance inside every woman and the harmony they bring to the world.

The products we create are designed to inspire inner balance in women. When a woman uses our purple products in her daily life, we hope that Isopia will bring healing to her, and that splash of purple is sure to bring her inner peace and calm her all day long. Purple conveys a kind of elegance, inspires imagination, and evokes a sense of creativity. Our use of purple is an artful reminder for women to dream big, raise their voices, and share their gifts with the world. It's a celebration of all they have accomplished and all that is still possible.

Charming Purple in Ballet

The Lilac Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty - The Lilac Fairy is an important and symbolic character in the ballet Sleeping Beauty and has become one of the most challenging roles for ballet dancers. She represents wisdom, benevolence, hope, and the final victory of good over evil. Her costumes are usually in soft shades of lilac, lavender, and soft purple to portray her gentle personality. Her purple color conveys magic, mystery, and feminine power in ballet.



The Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker - The Waltz of the Flowers is one of the most famous and recognizable pieces of music in ballet. The waltz features the flowers dancing in sync, often with the Dewdrop fairy leading them. She is considered the prima ballerina role. The Dewdrop fairy's costume is purple, with a crystalline-style bodice and a fluffy, sheer purple tutu. The other lead flower fairies also wear purple tutus, like the Rose Fairy and Flower Queen. The flower fairies' dance is very precise, synchronized, and graceful as they weave in and out of floral patterns across the stage.

Like the prima ballerina effortlessly gliding across the stage, Isopia's designs move with ethereal grace. Each eyelash and accessory is carefully crafted to elevate your look with poise and finesse. The costume and representative color of these important lead dancers is purple, so Isopia adopts purple as the brand color in the hope that women will walk with Isopia to the brightest position in their career stage. Wear our eyelashes as your own lash – let the comfort elevate your beauty like the textures and tones of the stage complement the prima ballerina.

Classic Purple in Titanic and the Color Purple

Titanic (1997) - When Rose first joins Jack for dinner in first class, her purple gown is very striking and symbolic. This color, stands out, especially compared to the more muted yellow gown she wore earlier. The purple dress shows that there is more to Rose than just a well-bred aristocrat, and there are also more things in Isopia than pursuing external beauty. Rose yearns for freedom, adventure, and true emotions - things we chase too. Purple hints at our understated complexity.



The Color Purple (1985) - This movie uses purple in the title to represent the struggles and resilience of African American women. In the film, Celie wears drab, colorless clothing reflecting her oppressed status. As she gains independence and empowerment, she starts wearing more vibrant purple outfits, representing her growing sense of self-worth, which is what we promote in terms of female awakening and women pursuing their self-worth. Isopia wants women to be more confident and brave enough to pursue their careers and dreams. Isopia promises stylish, carefree eye makeup products so you can look your best while performing your best. Isopia uses purple and tries to convey the same thing as this movie: female strength, spirituality, the glory of women, and ultimately women’s independence and happiness through her lifelong journey.


Inspiring Purple in Art History

Monet, one of the most important Impressionists in the history of France, so adored purple that critics accused the painters of having “violettomania.” Monet's vision blurred in his later years and as a painter, his most prized skill — his perception of color and light, began to dull. In 1923, he underwent cataract surgery, after which Monet could suddenly perceive ultraviolet light. He began to render his paintings more and more in purples to show the harmonious world as only he could see it. “I have finally discovered the true color of the atmosphere,” Claude Monet once declared. “It’s violet. Fresh air is violet.” Purple is the gentleness and harmony of nature. We hope to use purple to convey a concept of harmony and healing. We encourage our consumers to pursue the balance between the inner and the outer and pursue the harmony between breadth and depth.



Pierre-Auguste Renoir studied Monet's techniques and adopted vivid violets and purples for shadows in his Impressionist works. While Monet's use of purple was often more literally descriptive, Renoir's purples evoked emotions. The hues added romance, intimacy, and an appealing "glow" to his subjects. Isopia’s purple intends to give our islanders an aura-like radiance from within and imply a spiritual incandescence just like Renoir’s works.



So whether it's Monet, Renoir, or Isopia, we harness the power of purple to bring vibrancy, depth, and radiance to the world, and we want our innovations influenced by subsequent generations of creators.

The Purple Allure of Isopia

Isopia hopes to spread its elegance, harmony, and creativity to the world. And for independent, elegant women seeking beauty on their own terms, Isopia is the perfect accent. With a harmonious vision and vibrant personality, our brand captures the essence of a mind that wants to gain strength, and a heart that wants to be healed. The “Isopian” purple harmonizes with individuals forging their own path, whether edgy, elegant, or anywhere in between. Our lashes allow women to make a statement, express their personality, and complete their vision.
August 11, 2023 — RoseAmelia

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