Eyelashes aren’t just a beauty accessory; they’re a form of expression. Choosing the right lashes for your eye shape can enhance your natural beauty and elevate your makeup look. Isopia offers a range of lashes designed to complement every eye shape, ensuring that you can find your perfect match. Let's start by identifying your eye shape, and then explore which Isopia lashes best suit you.

How to Identify Your Eye Shape

1. Find Your Crease:
Look straight ahead in a mirror. The crease of your eye is the hollow part above your eyelid. If you don’t see a crease while your eyes are open (it seems flat), you likely have a ‘monolid’. If your crease is hidden due to an extra fold of skin, you have ‘hooded’ eyes.

How do I choose my fake false eyelashes?

2. Assess the Corners:
With your eyes looking forward, consider the outer corners. If they turn upwards, you have ‘upturned’ eyes. If they dip down, your eyes are ‘downturned’.

How do you know which eyelash goes on which eye?

3. Check the Whites:
If the whites of your eyes surround the iris without touching the top or bottom eyelid, you have ‘round’ eyes. If the whites are visible only on the sides, you have ‘almond’ shaped eyes.

4. Measure Eye Position:
For eye positioning, if the space between your eyes is more than the width of one eye, you have ‘wide-set’ eyes. Conversely, if the space is less, you have ‘close-set’ eyes.

What style of lashes make your eyes look bigger?

Choosing Isopia Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Almond Eyes:
Almost any style works, but to truly accentuate almond eyes, Isopia’s Harmony lashes offer a balanced distribution of length and volume, enhancing the natural beauty of almond-shaped eyes without overpowering them.

What is the best lash style for my eye shape?

Hooded Eyes:
Opt for lashes that add depth. Isopia’s Touch lashes are designed to be fuller in the center, bringing dimension and openness to the eye, perfect for hooded lids.

How do you know which eyelash goes on which eye?

Monolid Eyes:
Look for lashes that add curl and definition. Isopia’s Flam lashes provide a subtle curl that enhances the natural lash line while adding volume where it’s needed most, creating an illusion of depth.

How do I choose a lash?

Round Eyes:
To elongate round eyes, choose lashes that are longer at the outer corners. Isopia’s River lashes are ideal as they offer a wispy, flared look that extends the eye outward, creating a stunning cat-eye effect.

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Deep-Set Eyes:
Lashes with drama and volume work well. The Bled lashes from Isopia, which are denser and more voluminous, work beautifully to bring the eyes forward, highlighting deep-set eyes spectacularly.

What type of lashes look most natural?

Wide-Set Eyes:
To create an illusion of closeness, select lashes that are longer at the inner corners. Isopia’s Ripple lashes help to draw the eyes inward, balancing the facial features.

What lashes look best on hooded eyes?

Close-Set Eyes:
Focus on the outer edges. Isopia’s Tide lashes, which are longer and fuller at the outer corners, help to visually balance close-set eyes, giving them a more proportionate appearance.

How do you know which eyelash goes on which eye?

Downturned Eyes:
Lift your look with upward-flicking lashes. The Echo lashes by Isopia are perfect as they are longer at the outer edges, lifting the eyes for a youthful appearance.

how to choose fake eyelashes for your eye shape

Prominent Eyes:
Go for natural styles that enhance, not overpower. Isopia’s Healing lashes offer a natural, fluttery look that complements prominent eyes without overwhelming them.

What lashes suit what eye shapes?

Understanding your eye shape is the key to choosing lashes that not only look great but feel comfortable all day long. Isopia’s diverse range of lashes ensures that no matter your eye shape, there’s a lash style that fits perfectly, enhancing your natural beauty and adding just the right touch of glamour to any look. Explore Isopia’s collection and find your perfect lash match today!