Iso-Tender Lashes RIPPLE - Split-tips Feathery Fibers

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Volume-Clear Band: 10mm-16mm

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Channel the effortless grace of flowing water with Ripple.

Like the rippling waves of the ocean, Iso-Tender Ripple lashes are bold and unforgettable. The delicate style creates a soothing, relaxing effect, while the ultra-soft fibers feel like a gentle breeze on your skin. Get lost in the flow of beauty and gliding through the day with ease.

The split-tip fibers create a feathery softness plush, velvety texture that will have you feeling like you're in a cocoon of comfort. Let your eyes dance with the rhythm of the Ripple.

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Band: Clear Band

Fiber: Split Tips

Length: 10mm-16mm

Shape: Round

Style: Volume


1. Curl your natural lashes first to have a better merge with Iso-Tender.

2. Gently pick the lash from the tray with Mini Ballerina applicator.

3. Trim the band and adjust the curve to fit your eyelid.

4. Apply a thin line of the glue to the lash band and wait until the glue awakens.

5. Adhere the strip to your middle lash line,then secure the outer corner and inner corner in turns.

6. Pinch the falsies and natural lashes together for a perfect look.


· Split Tips & Dawny Fluffy Lashes

· Ultra-soft Feathery Fibers & Super Lightweight

· Easy to Wear & Remove

· Friendly to Beginners & Sporty Beauties

· Add Gorgeous Volume and Vivid Life-like Look to Meet Any Occasions

· Can be reused 5+ times with proper care.

Split Tips Fibers




Adhesive Included: 1ml Mini Lash Glue
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