The holiday season may be the most tense time of the year. When it comes to gifts, people may become very picky. If you have no idea about what to choose, browse Isopia’s website and discover your new surprises! We’ve decked out our collections with limited edition sets that spark joy and radiance all season long!

Natural & Perfect Lashes for Fitness Queen

If you are a fit queen who pursues the ultimate comfort experience and has high requirements for your quality of life, then you must not miss this eyelash. For those with sensitive eyes, seeking a natural look, Iso-Gentle features an ultra-soft clear band for an invisible, comfortable lash-wearing experience.



For the fitness queen who still wants her lashes to look on point: designed for performers who want their beauty to stand out during intense workouts, Iso-Tender offers long-lasting feathery lashes with sweat resistance. Who said that while pursuing comfort, one must always keep a natural and low-key appearance? This eyelash is enough to make you the center of attention for this holiday banquet.



Glittery Bundles for Festive Vibe

Deck your eyes out this holiday season with glitzy lash essentials from our limited edition "Glittery Bundles" collection. Use our nourishing Hold-On Lash Adhesive infused with latex-free glue to keep falsies firmly in place for 24+ hours. Finish off your holiday glam makeup by gazing into our dimmable, halo-lit Zoom-In Beauty Mirror, which is perfect for flawless application and selfies! These recyclable-packaging lash goodies can maximize your quality of life, making them a perfect gift for beauty lovers or self-care girls as you sparkle through the season.



If the above Isopia star products have already caught your eyes, you can still take them all away by just buying an Iso-Easy Eyelash Starter Kit!  



Tis the Season for Holiday Lash Dazzle Set

When it comes to the holiday gift guide, don't miss our seasonal limited most dazzling set: limited-edition tinsel-adorned lashes and a matte eyeshadow only available in this Holiday gift set! The Sugarplum Fairy Holiday Eye Shadow Palette features a lilac purple hue for playful, glitzy eye looks. Our Iso-Rich Frosty Holiday Glitter Lashes amplify the drama with fluffy crisscross lashes dusted with shimmery snowflake embellishments. For the fairy queen in all of us, this silver glitter eyelash can maintain your personal personality while showcasing a festive atmosphere and warmth.



We Isopia understand your needs to dazzle and become the center of attention in social situations externally, and meanwhile, we also understand your needs to take good care of yourself. Containing enchanted bamboo soap with pure natural ingredients, Isopia Holiday Gift Set can also provide you with enough self-care you need and let you pay attention to yourself.



Isopia Holiday Gift Set is a one-stop shop to make your favorite girl feel extra special on Christmas morning. With these festive finds specially curated for the holidays, treat your loved one to standout glam she can enjoy all season long. Let us take care of holiday shopping so you can focus on making merry memories!

December 05, 2023 — MaMartina