Christmas is approaching, what kind of makeup can impress everyone? Today, let's share 3 main makeup trends as your Holiday makeup inspiration!

Glamorous Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Cut crease eye makeup can not only bring infinite vitality to the festival but also make you easily become the focus of the party situation. From the latest fashion week, colorful cut crease eyeshadow can be seen that has become more vibrant and imaginative. Makeup artist Romero Jennings brightened Prabal Gurung's show with a touch of sky-blue eye shadow and yellow-green eye shadow. Paired with the clothes on the model's body, the blue-green color on the eye makeup is detached and snappy, like the swaying spring water in the Seine River.


Glamorous Cut Crease Eye Makeup


Purple is also a commonly used color favored by makeup artists. At Armani's catwalk this year, purple upper eye shadow and blue lower eye shadow played the art of color contrast, with exaggerated eyelashes to highlight personality. Here, makeup artists use some makeup techniques: When using colorful eye shadow with high saturation, other parts of the makeup, such as eyebrows, powder blusher, and lip makeup, use inconspicuous nude color weakening treatment to compare the colorful eye shadow and improve the fashion of the whole facial makeup.


Armani's catwalk


Colorful Eyelashes


Colorful Eyelashes


Colorful eyelashes have also been a popular item in the several past years. At Prada's autumn runway in 2023, many models, including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, wore unique colored lashes, bringing vitality to the dull outfits in autumn and winter. DAZED Korea also emphasizes the beauty of mood when wearing colored lashes, with a clear and natural foundation paired with bright white lashes, like a fairy princess descending to earth. On Christmas, we can also wear a pair of silver glitter lashes and become the queen of the Snow World to welcome this important holiday!


Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner wore unique colored lashes


Hollywood’s Golden Age Style

In recent years, the exciting revival of retro trends in the fashion line cannot be ignored. If you want to take a more natural makeup route on Christmas, you can refer to Lily Collins' Vintage Style at the 2023 Met Gala. She uses latte smoky makeup to deepen her eyes, paired with thick eyelashes, to create deep and charming eye makeup. Paired with seductive red lips and retro curly hair which looks like comes from Hollywood’s Golden Age, it exudes an elegant and noble temperament.


Lily Collins' Vintage Style


Supermodel Lulu Tenney also appeared on the cover of M Le Monde's November 2023, with thick eyelashes, portraying a retro office girl. In the current vintage trend, having a pair of natural fake lashes is also a good choice. Don't worry about lashes weighing heavily on your eyes, because the Iso-Gentle collection has ultra-soft bands, making them comfortable enough and effortless.


Lulu Tenney wears thick eyelashes