Isopia recently teamed up with the popular yoga studio CorePower for an inspirational event that celebrated both inner and outer beauty. As an eyelash brand that serves active women, we wanted to provide an opportunity for yoga enthusiasts to experience our products while also sharing insights on self-love and self-care.

The event began with yoga practitioners flowing through an energizing session focused on building strength and finding focus. After working up a sweat, participants headed to our makeup station to try out our lashes and get mini makeovers. As they relaxed into the makeup chairs, we had the chance to interview many of the yogis about their perspectives on beauty, self-acceptance, and words of wisdom for young girls.

Words from our “Islanders” were enlightening. When asked about their definitions of self-love, many respondents emphasized the importance of tuning into one's body through movement and conscious breathing. They discussed how yoga helps create inner peace and self-acceptance. Suggestions for young girls included finding activities you love, surrounding yourself with supportive communities, and learning to quiet your inner critic.

After finishing makeup, the yogis were surprised by our comfortable wearing experience and excited to accentuate their natural beauty with our lashes. We received so many compliments on how lightweight and comfortable our lashes felt. Many shared that adding a small makeup touch made them feel polished yet still like their authentic selves.

Collaborating with CorePower allowed us to connect with active, mindful women in an impactful way. The event upheld our brand mission of making people feel the balance between inner and outer beauty. We look forward to future partnerships that align outer beauty products with conversations around self-love and empowerment.

October 12, 2023 — XMRosemary

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