Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th each year to commemorate the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States in 1777. This day is marked with various patriotic events and activities, making it an excellent opportunity to express your national pride through your makeup. Elevate your festive look with Isopia's range of high-quality eyelash products.

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Iso-Chic DIY Cluster Lashes Series

Isopia's Iso-Chic DIY Cluster Lashes series offers a variety of styles to suit different occasions even for Flag Day. You can achieve the perfect look with our lashes.

  1. CLOUD COUTURE (Natural Wispies): These lashes provide a 3D layered fluffy effect with weightless hollow fibers, ideal for daily wear, workouts, and exercise. Available in mixed lengths of 10mm-14mm, 12mm-16mm, and 14mm-18mm, they offer a natural, wispy look that enhances your eyes without overwhelming them.

    Natural Wispy Cluster Lashes Set | Isopia CLOUD COUTURE Lashes & Applicator
  2. VELVET VOGUE (Fancy Volume): Designed for a more dramatic effect, these lashes also feature a 3D layered fluffy effect with weightless hollow fibers. Perfect for night outs or stage appearances, they come in the same mixed lengths as CLOUD COUTURE, offering a voluminous, glamorous look.

    Bold Glamorous Lashes
  3. BRUNETTE (Chic Dark Brown): These natural broom-style lashes blend seamlessly with lighter hair colors and colorful makeup looks. Available in the same mixed lengths, they provide a chic, dark brown hue that complements various eye colors and skin tones.

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Tips for Using the POINTE Lash Applicator

The POINTE Lash Applicator is an essential tool for precise eyelash application. Here are some tips to ensure a flawless application:

Best lash applicator tool
  • Precision Application: The high closure tips allow for accurate placement of the lash clusters close to the lash line, which ensures a precise lash application.
  • Multifunctional Use: Suitable for both strip lashes and cluster lashes, this applicator makes it easy to apply lashes quickly and efficiently.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Practice over and over again to master your technique. Start by applying lashes with the help of a well-lit mirror, such as the Zoom-In Beauty LED Mirror, for the best results.

Master Lash Tools for Stunning Results

To achieve a comprehensive festive look, the following Isopia tools are essential to achieve stunning results.

  • Gentle Clip: This eyelash curler is designed to gently lift and curl your lashes and prepare them for seamless integration with the Iso-Chic lashes.
    long lasting curly fake eyelashes
  • Hold-On Lash Glue: Known for its durable hold, this lash glue ensures your lashes stay in place throughout the day and night.
    Tips for applying false lashes seamlessly
  • Triple Curly Eyelash Curler: Use this curler to add natural volume curl to your lashes, and enhance the overall effect of your eye makeup.
    Long-lasting eyelash glue for sensitive eyes

Festive Makeup Suggestions

Here are some tips to create a patriotic red, white, and blue-themed makeup look using Isopia products:

  • Eyes: Start with a base of neutral eyeshadow, then add pops of red and blue to your eyelids. Apply CLOUD COUTURE lashes for a natural look, or VELVET VOGUE for a bolder appearance.
  • Face: Keep your foundation light and natural. Add a touch of blush to your cheeks for a healthy glow.
  • Lips: Opt for a vibrant red lipstick to complete the patriotic theme.
    Best tools for applying false eyelashes

We encourage you to share your Flag Day makeup looks using Isopia products. Post your photos on social media and tag us to be featured on our page. Don't forget to check out our special promotions and discounts available for Flag Day. Celebrate this patriotic day with style and elegance, showcasing your national pride with Isopia's exquisite range of eyelash products.

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