“Giallo” means yellow in Italian. After World War II, a series of reading materials became popular in Italy. These popular books always come with a uniform yellow cover, with thriller, crime, and mystery novels written by some well-known British and American crime novelists published on them. Later, many directors took inspiration from these Giallo magazine readings and made many Giallo films, showcasing their interest in murder, knives, and the death of beautiful women. These films were called Giallo films.
Compared to detective and investigative works such as Agatha Christie and Hitchcock, Italian Giallo films weaken the process of reasoning and investigation. Italian Giallo films emphasize the process of killers committing crimes, and the strongest elements in the films are incompetent detectives, mysterious killers, dazzling female characters, and black gloves.



In the Giallo film period of the 1960s, films of this time often had a strong "fetish complex." It can be said that this type of horror film is a special kind of erotic film: every shot and plot has erotic meaning, and you can see hints of it from various places. So, the existence of the heroine is of course closely related to desire. The contrast of bright colors in "Hell", paired with slightly parted lips and out-of-focus eyes... the charm of beauties is not only sexy and cold, but also withdrawn and neurotic. In addition, the configuration of "horror + beauty" is also closely related to the ancient Greek culture that advocated "beauty + violence".




Italian Giallo movies are renowned for their visually striking aesthetics and attention to detail. From vibrant color palettes to intricate set designs, every shot is a work of art. In Giallo movies, the eyes often serve as windows to the characters' souls, revealing their deepest desires, fears, and secrets.


Similarly, our eyelashes aim to accentuate your eyes, making them the focal point of your beauty. 


Isopia’s lash collections draw inspiration from Giallo’s visual elements, offering a range of styles that complement various looks. Whether you desire lashes with dramatic flair, intricate designs reminiscent of Giallo motifs, or a subtle enhancement to your natural beauty, our collection has you covered.
Our eyelashes embody this same allure, empowering you to embrace your own sense of mystery and intrigue. With a flutter of your lashes, you can captivate those around you, leaving them mesmerized and wondering what secrets lie behind your gaze.
Just as Giallo films weave captivating narratives, our lashes help you tell your own story.
October 25, 2023 — XMRosemary

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