Vampires are legendary supernatural beings. In the movie, vampires are endowed with various extraordinary qualities, such as nobility and decency. They are blessed with eternal life, and cursed by the bloodline. They live by night and rely on darkness as a cover. They can be evil demons, or they can be wise men with a wealth of knowledge. Next, Isopia recommends several vampire movies, to take you into the world of vampires in this special Halloween period.


 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)



This is undoubtedly the most classic vampire movie. After watching this film, you will understand why so many people are obsessed with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. In the cruel and cold world, kind Louis has been striving to find something, he is a gemstone that does not fade easily. Lestat, on the other hand, easily merges into the mainstream and is free to do as he pleases. These two people must be out of sync, their personalities destined them to go their separate ways.

A few hundred years later, Louis and Lestat met again on the street. What is one hundred years worth to a vampire? It was just a slumber. But when the curious young man Louis no longer exists, where does such a Lestat actually go? This is an unknown outcome.



Ultimately, it is Louis who truly understands the truth. When he finally looked at the news reporter who was requesting immortality, he realized that those who played with words and other people's lives were just fools. The most solid desire in the depths of a human’s heart is nothing more than 'getting it when you want it'. Modern people are metaphorically referred to as vampires. As individuals, how do we balance our desires? To survive as well as to live; to enjoy the dreams in the dark, as well as to stand freely in the sunshine without fear.

Dracula (1992)

Dracula (1992) is one of the most touching vampire movies, with Francis Ford Coppola's unique technique and modern Gothic costumes set beautifully, like a grand retro opera event. The shadows cast on the wall create asynchronous special effects, and the Count and Princess's overlapping editing of past and reality is done using traditional photographic film methods without the use of digital technology.

The romance displayed in the gloom, and the Gothic beauty portrayed in the blood, make the movie full of memorable meanings. The audience will also be moved by the poignant love beneath the shell of the horror story, causing tears to flow.


“I want to be what you are. See what you see, love what you love.”


The Count fought with blood to defend God, but God allowed his beloved princess to jump into the river. The angry Count betrayed his faith and became a devil Dracula due to love. And does God allow those who commit suicide to reincarnate, in order to punish Dracula, or to save?


 “I came across oceans of time”


Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)

In this film, you can see the most beautiful female vampire in film history. Ajani's portrayal of this eerie and ghostly female character has already reached its peak. She is always so beautiful, with snowy skin, black hair, bright eyes, white teeth, and an unforgettable charm.

Director Werner Herzog is a genius. The classic and melodious soundtrack at the beginning of the film, with picturesque shots, strongly contrasts with the later plagues. The twisted corpses and dream bats at the beginning vividly depict the ignorance and fear of the Black Death among people of that era.

The vampire in this movie is not so mysterious - he has no love, full of loneliness, and is even "powerless to die". He transforms into a group of creepy white mice, but he is also lost and distant, like the child playing the violin. 



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October 27, 2023 — XMRosemary

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