Iso-Easy Eyelash Starter Kit - Basic Set of Eyelashes, Adhesive, Applicator

$24.00 USD $35.00

✧ Iso-Gentle Lashes (1 Pair)

✧ Gentle Clip Applicator (1pcs)

✧ Hold-On Lash Glue (5ml/0.17fl.oz)

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Iso-Easy Kit: Your Gateway to Effortless Beauty 

Starting your eyelash journey has never been easier with our Iso-Easy Eyelash Starter Kit. This three-piece set includes everything you need to achieve stunning lashes in no time. Our classic Iso-Genlte Lashes, Gentle Clip Applicator, and Hold-On Lash Glue make for a trouble-free experience that's as easy as breathing. Well begun is half done, so take the first step towards effortless beauty with our starter kit today!

Need help? You can find Iso-Easy Tutorial here.


Iso-Gentle Lashes (1 Pair )

Soft and thin lash band with feather-light lash fibers will bring you the ultimate comfortable wearing experience without awkward feelings and fake effects.

Gentle Clip Applicator (1pcs)

The superior dreamy mate of your false eyelashes, only 2 steps to set and done. Definitely an ideal tool to speed up your lash-wearing time even if you're a noob.

Hold-On Lash Glue (5ml/0.17fl.oz)

Beginner-friendly eyelash adhesive with an easy-controlled brush applicator. Can apply the glue on the false eyelash band precisely, effectively avoiding the smudge and overdo.

Ingredient: Acrylate Copolymer, Aqua, Propylene glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Iso-Easy Tutorial 

Put Iso-Gentle lashes into the Gentle Clip.

❤ Brush a thin line of Hold-On lash glue along the lash band. 


Wait until the white glue becomes clear and tacky, then you’re ready to apply!

❤ Aim the position of your eyelid and put the lashes on.


Iso-Gentle Lashes

Ultra-soft Band

100% Vegan & Cruelty-free 

Gentle Clip

Easy to Wear

Effortless & Time-saving

Hold-On Lash Glue

Strong Hold & Long-lasting 

Latex-free & Odorless

Safe Formula &  Non-irritating

The Ultimate Guide to Start Iso-Easy Journey 

1. In order to achieve a nice curl effect and better fit with false eyelashes, gently curl your natural eyelashes with lash curler before applying. (Take a look at Triple Curly Eyelash Curler)

2. Gently pick your falsies from the tray and put into the GENTLE CLIP.

3. Check your eye shape and eyelid length, then trim the band to a proper length to fit your eyelid. Cut the outer edge off with small scissors and you'll be good to go. (Take a look at Versatile Scissors)

4. Apply a thin line of the glue to the lash band and wait about 5s until the glue becomes tacky. It is necessary to apply a little thicker on both ends where easily open corners.

5. Aim the position of your eyelid, put the lashes on, and check if the lash band applies on your natural lash line.

6. Remove the GENTLE CLIP and adjust the eyelashes to a perfect look.

Set and done! From beginner to master in one time