Iso-Gentle Eyelashes Series: Touch, Breath, Harmony, Echo

The Ultimate Set for Lash Lovers

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Our top 4 bestselling 'No Trim + No Measure' natural-looking lashes. The Iso-Gentle collection is well-received for its ultra-soft lash band, providing the most comfortable wearing experience. Get your set in BREATH, HARMONY, ECHO, TOUCH 4 styles and save more!


As beautiful as a symphony, let your lashes sing in perfect Harmony.

Iso-Gentle Harmony lashes feature ultra-soft lash bands and delicate fibers that blend perfectly with your natural lashes, creating a look that’s both striking and effortless.

To be in harmonious sync with your daily routine, and achieve a comfortable balance between elegance and beauty.


Take a breath and experience the ultimate comfort with Iso-Gentle Breath.

You’ll feel like you’re walking on air, making you forget you’re wearing them, while still giving you the full, fluttery look you love.

Breathe new life into your lash game with Breath lashes, and embrace the refreshing and soothing sensation that’s sure to leave you feeling revitalized.


Just like an Echo that lingers in your mind, the sound of beauty that resonates with you.

Iso-Gentle Echo lashes are designed to be touched and felt, with an ultra-soft lash band that will make your eyes feel like they're surrounded by a gentle cloud.


“Love is a touch and yet not a touch” 

Iso-Gentle Touch lashes are like love – a touch that's both real and elusive.

With ultra-soft lash bands and mimic human hair fibers, you'll experience the intimacy of a touch, without ever having to hold back.

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