Iso-Gentle Lashes MELTY - Ultra-soft Band

$14.00 USD

Bottom Lashes - Clear Band: 5mm

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Melt into comfort, melt into new lash love, and experience the oh-so-melty moment.

Like a dream come true for your lower lashes! This is the irresistible experience offered by Iso-Gentle Melty. These gentle and lightweight bottom lashes will make you forget you even wear falsies. They delicately enhance your eyes with a touch of glamour and volume, while preserving their natural and effortless appeal.

Prepare to captivate hearts with Melty bottom lashes, the ultimate charm for a soft and sensual look that mesmerizes everyone. The comfortable and stylish go hand in hand when it comes to our bottom lashes.

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Achieve a super easy 1-step wearing with dreamy mates: Gentle ClipHold-On Lash Glue.

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Band: Ultra-soft Clear Band   

Length: 5mm

Shape: Round  

Style: Bottom Lashes


1. Curl your natural lashes first to have a better merge with Iso-Gentle.

2. Put the lashes in the GENTLE CLIP.

3. Trim the band and adjust the curve to fit your eyelid.

4. Apply a thin line of the Hold-On lash glue to the lash band and wait until the glue gets tacky.

5. Aim the position with Gentle Clip and place the lashes on.

6. Remove the GENTLE CLIP and secure the corners for a perfect look.

*It is recommended to wear Iso-Gentle lashes by Gentle Clip in 1 step easily.


· Ultra-Soft & Flexible Band  

· Weightless & Super Comfortable Wearing

· Burden-free & Fit Tight

· Intimate Friend of Your Eyelid —No more open corners!

· Perfect for beginners and sporty beauties




Adhesive Included: 1ml Mini Lash Glue
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